The Wonderful Women of WISH

Speaking with Confidence

 Women In Social Housing Cumbria (WISH) perform their #Awesome in 5 minutes of #OMG!


Thanks to the out standing feedback from the Women of WISHNW (thank you, you lovely Ladies) and Sponsorship from South Lakes Housing, Charlotte Pearson-Rolph of the new region of WISH ‘Cumbria’, invited me to bring ‘Speaking with Confidence’ to Penrith! (scroll down for the video!)

Today’s ‘office’ at Penrith Rugby Club was fabulous:

Beth Nicholls ensured that all the technology worked and even packed a spare projector just in case!  This sessions Confidence Tool Kit (a bespoke box for each event) included immediately implementable ideas for Getting into the Zone before a presentation, Delivering with Confidence during a Presentation (go Alter-Egos!):

Making a Professional Impact; Heidi and Lesley helped me enormously by embracing their #OMG! and being Masterclassed:

How giggling can combat Nerves:

and the dreaded Coffee/Mucus Cycle! By the end of the event everybody  was proudly wearing their ‘necklaces’ and ‘powered up’ with #Awesome! 



WISH is a wonderful, nurturing organisation of people who are happy to share best practice, a supportive hand and fresh ideas. As Charlotte said: ‘After each event you feel empowered!’ Thank you for another fantastic WISH event Ladies. Embrace your #OMG and keep being #Awesome you!


Sarah-Ann: Diva x


Women In Social Housing North West (WISH) performing their #Awesome in 5 minutes of #OMG!

Speaking with Confidence!

Thank you Kerry Whittle, Secretary of WISHNW for inviting me to run this event for  WISHNW.


More about wish:

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