Sarah-Ann works with Future influencing Companies and Educational establishments who want to empower their staff and students to be confident, change making leaders. Drawing from her experience as Britain’s First Award Winning Operatic Comedian, the first lady to join the internationally touring A Cappella group Cantabile-The London Quartet and University Lecturer in Performance and Performance Psychology she creates bespoke ‘Skills Tool Kits’ which delegates and students can implement immediately. She is a unique icebreaker, a creative networking designer, an #OMG ‘change’ eliminator, a motivational speaker and liberator of your inner #Awesome.

Sarah-Ann has been a Leadership coach on an Emerging Leaders Programme in the Banking Industry in the UK and America, an ice breaker for T-Mobile/Orange and an #Awesome Facilitator and #OMG change eliminator in the NHS, UK Fire Service, Award Winning Comms event #Commshero, WISH and Staffordshire University.


Facebook: Sarah Ann Cromwell


Linkedin: Sarah-Ann Cromwell



4,500 in the audience at The Royal Albert Hall





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